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NDI Connect Pro
NewTek NDI Software optie
Expand your sources—and connectivity options—with only a standard computer serving up video over IP with the NDI™ protocol, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology.

Install the NDI Connect Pro client on a compatible computer on the network, and make up to 4 of its video sources appear in your NDI-enabled production workflow. Access the I/O of any cameras, decks, and devices connected to it via capture card, serve up stored media files for live playback, or increase your camera count with local webcams. Any compatible source on the computer with NDI Connect Pro installed can be configured and made available over the network to your TriCaster® and other NDI systems.
905,00 €(excl. BTW)
NDI ISOCorder Pro
NewTek NDI Software optie
Expand your recording capabilities to protect more productions, media files, and raw footage with powerful source capture using NDI™ technology. Install this app on any network-connected workstation for multi-channel ISO recording of NDI sources. NewTek NDI IsoCorder™ Pro encodes video in a high-quality QuickTime format that is universally compatible with practically any platform or application, and allows for virtually unlimited remote ISO recording with suitable storage media and capacity.
905,00 €(excl. BTW)
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